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Welcome to our village

Scorton is a small village situated near Richmond, North Yorkshire, England. The name ‘Scorton’ is believed to date from Anglo-Saxon times and is thought to mean ‘Short Tun’, as opposed the nearby village of Langton or ‘Long Tun’ (Tun = Old English for Homestead). The main feature of our village is its raised green – one of only two in England. The green is also host to our annual feast, the roots of which date back to 1257.

Scorton was the first village with its own website which was launched back in 1998 – that’s over 20 years on the Internet! The site has been through many incarnations since those days – feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you think of this one.

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Parish Council

The Parish Council in Scorton is made up of 7 elected members and a clerk. The Councillors are elected every 4 years and anyone who lives or works in the Parish is generally eligible. The next election is due in May 2023. Meetings are held every month (usually the last Wednesday in the month) in the Scorton War Memorial Institute and all are welcome.

Parish Councils have been in existence for over 100 years and are the closest tier of local government to the people. Scorton Parish Council aims to represent Scorton at both local and national level.

The main responsibilities of the Parish Council are:

o  Owning (on your behalf) and maintaining public spaces & buildings (The Green, Bridge Green, Jubilee Green, Mollie Cail Park, Cemetery & the Bus Shelter)  Open Spaces Society report about new village green registration for Jubilee Green
o  Providing a voice for the village in matters such as planning, highways, quarry, etc.
o  Developing new initiatives, recent ones include new conservation style street lamps, free community broadband, footbridge, seating, and updating the play facilities plus many more …
o  Generally ensuring Scorton is a great place to live

Parish Councillors:

David Rafelt (Chairman)
Ian Threlfall (Treasurer & Parish Council Representative for Scorton War Memorial Institute)

Jenny Harper (Vice Chair & Parish Council Representative for Tarmac liaison meetings)
Linda Hull
Helen Newall
Mark Aston
Helen Maddison-Potts




Mrs Vicki Raven
Ash House
North Yorkshire
DL10 6DN

E-mail: vickiraven1@gmail.com  Phone: 01748 811433

E-mail contacts:

District Councillors: Ian Threlfall (cllr.i.threlfall@richmondshire.gov.uk), Leslie Rowe (cllr.l.rowe@richmondshire.gov.uk), Paul Spencer (cllr.p.spencer@richmondshire.gov.uk)

County Councillor: Carl Les (cllr.Carl.Les@northyorks.gov.uk)

Minutes 6th October 2021

Agenda 6th October 2021

Minutes 30th June 2021

Agenda 30th June 2021

Minutes 28th April 21

AGM minutes 28th April 21

Annual & Normal agenda 28th April 2021

Minutes 24th February 2021

Agenda 24th February 2021

Minutes 25th November 2020

Agenda 25th November 2020

Minutes 30th September 2020

Agenda 30th September 2020

July 29th 2020 minutes

AGM July 29th 2020 minutes

Agenda 29th July 2020

March 11th 2020 minutes

March 11th agenda

December 4th 2019 minutes

December 4th agenda

October 30th 2019 minutes

October 30th agenda

September 25th 2019 minutes

September 25th agenda

July 31st 2019 minutes

July 31st 2019 agenda

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June 26th 2019 agenda

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May 15th 2019 Annual & monthly agenda

April 3rd 2019 minutes

April 3rd 2019 agenda

February 27th 2019 minutes

February 27th 2019 agenda

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January 30th 2019 agenda

November 28th 2018 minutes

November 28th 2018 agenda

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October 31st 2018 agenda

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September 26th 2018 agenda

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July 25th 2018 agenda

June 27th 2018 minutes

June 27th 2018 agenda

May 30th 2018 minutes

May 30th 2018 AGM minutes

May 30th 2018 agenda

April 25th 2018 minutes

April 25th 2018 agenda

March 28th 2018 minutes

March 28th agenda

February 28th 2018 minutes

February 28th agenda

January 31st 2018 agenda

January 31st 2018 minutes

November 29th 2017 agenda

November 29th minutes

Extra presentation

November 2nd agenda

November 2nd 2017 minutes

September 2017 agenda

September 2017 minutes

July 2017 agenda

July 2017 minutes

June 2017 agenda

June 2017 minutes

May 2017 agenda

May 2017 minutes

April 2017 agenda

April 2017 minutes

March 2017 agenda               March 2017 minutes

February 2017 agenda           February 2017 minutes

January 2017 agenda            January 2017 minutes

November 2016 agenda       November 2016 minutes

October 2016 agenda           October 2016 minutes

September 2016 agenda      September 2016 minutes

July 2016 agenda                 July 2016 minutes

Cemetery agenda

June 2016 agenda                June 2016 minutes

May 2016 agenda                May 2016 annual minutes    May 2016 minutes

March 2016 agenda             March 2016 minutes

February 2016 agenda        February 2016 minutes

January 2016 agenda         January 2016 minutes

November 2015 agenda      November 2015 minutes

October 2015 agenda          October 2015 minutes

September 2015 agenda     September 2015 minutes

July 2015 agenda                July 2015 minutes

June 2015 agenda               June 2015 minutes

May 2015 agenda                May 2015 annual minutes      May 2015 minutes

April 2015 agenda               April 2015 minutes

2015 – 16 Accounts              Bank reconciliation 2015 – 16

2016 – 2017 Accounts 

Bank reconciliation 2016 – 2017

Bank reconcilliation 2017-2018

Bank reconcilliation 2018-2019

Bank reconcilliation 2020-2021

2017-2018 Accounts

Annual Return Year ending 31/03/18

Annual return year ending 31/3/19

Annual return year ending 31/3/20 section 1

Annual return year ending 31/3/20 section 2

Annual return year ending 31/3/20 Public rights

Annual return year ending 31/3/21

Analysis of variances year ending 31.3.21

Annual return ending 31/3/21 Completion of audit

Katie Rodgers donates a new memorial bench

Business & Services

Our local business directory is below.  To have your business added, click here and send us a high resolution image and a business description.  We will then add you to the directory.


If you want your club or society listed, click here and send us a high resolution image and a description.  We will then add your club to the directory.

Find Us

Scorton is located just 3 miles from the A1(M) at Catterick.  We are also 7 miles from Richmond, 10 miles from Northallerton, 40 miles from York, 50 miles from Newcastle and 50 miles from Leeds.  Teesside airport is only 16 miles away.

Travelling from the North (A1): travel past Scotch Corner Services and exit at the next junction signposted Catterick (A6136).  Follow the road for 3/4 mile to the traffic lights and crossroads.  Turn left (B6271) and follow this road for around 3 miles to Scorton.

Travelling from the South (A1): heading North, leave at the new Catterick Central junction in the roadworks.  Take third exit at first round-about then first exit at second round-about to join A1 southbound.  Leave at Catterick South junction and follow this road through Catterick Village.  Continue on this road and you will eventually come past Catterick Racecourse on your left.  Continue driving, crossing Catterick Bridge.  After 1/2 mile you will come to a set of traffic lights and crossroads.  Turn right (B6271) and follow this road for around 3 miles to Scorton.

Contact Us

Send us an e-mail at sean.allison@askaris.it! or vickiraven1@gmail.com